From January 1, 2022, new accounts for paying taxes and fees for all regions and Kyiv began to operate.


The State Treasury Service of Ukraine has amended the list of types of budget revenues and levels for opening accounts for revenues to the general fund of the state budget for 2022, details of budget accounts were generated for crediting certain types of revenues to the general fund of the state budget in 2022, control over the collection of which is carried out by the State Tax Service of Ukraine according to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 106 of February 16, 2011 “Some Issues of Accounting for Taxes, Fees, Payments and Other Budget Revenues”.


The start date of operations for crediting receipts to new accounts is scheduled for January 01, 2022.


Accounts under income classification codes that were opened in 2021 in the context of territorial communities will be closed from January 01, 2022.


Funds paid by payers to old accounts for crediting taxes, fees and USC will not be credited but will be returned to payers as unclear receipts.