The ninth edition of EBS Digest has been published

February, 2015

Helen Volska, managing partner and director of EBS:

We are pleased to present you the ninth edition of EBS Digest, where we write about “eternal themes”. We can all agree that global changes do not happen in a day, month or year. Any changes require both time and costs. Changes also require a lot of effort, human resources, faith and patience.

Ukraine is undergoing quite a difficult period in its  transformation, which is characterized by feelings of fear and uncertainty on the part of both Ukrainian business and the general population. But  this view of the picture represents only one angle, and there are at least four worth considering. That is why, for today’s issue of the Digest, we have specially selected examples of crisis situations experienced in other countries and have analyzed them by contrasting “Before and After”. We can safely say that, for Ukraine and Ukrainian

business, the “after” will open completely new horizons!

We hope that the material featured here will be interesting and useful for you.

EBS Digest is available in on-line version by link.