Challenging times always encourage important decisions.

Today we understand that we do not need to refuse to cooperate with the representatives of the aggressor and occupant country, because they are not in our client portfolio.

EBS is a Ukrainian company that has always focused its efforts on the development of Ukrainian and international business in Ukraine.

In the realities of war, it is more important than ever to support the country’s economy by paying taxes and salaries to employees, because every Ukrainian businessman is approaching victory, while contributing to the fight against the invader. That is why we continue to work in the pre-war rhythm to be able to continue to support our team and our country.

We have recalculated taxes for several months in advance and urge all entrepreneurs who have this opportunity to do so. The EBS team also joins the fundraiser for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and undoubtedly believes in the strength of our defenders.

Today the main priority in our activity is to help our clients to establish their work successfully so as not to support the russian economy in any way. We understand that sometimes giving up contractors or products from Russia means suspending or causing serious damage to the business. Therefore, we call for gradual integration of changes in the company’s activities.

We are always in touch and ready to be a reliable support for our clients, and to provide advice on their business activities during this difficult period. We will help Ukraine by doing our job and believing in success, because the strength is in our unity.

To be part of a nation that works even during the war and donated 20 million to the army on the first day of the aggression alone is a real pride for us. And today the amount of donation is already measured in billions.

Let’s bringing bring our Victory closer together, because it is not far offon the way!