Support in the audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with international standards

Many Ukrainian companies face the need to prepare financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards (IAS), among them:

• Companies with foreign investments
• Companies that want to get a loan (both in foreign and Ukrainian financial institutions)
• Companies planning to attract foreign investors (shareholders)
• Companies planning to enter international financial markets, and others.

EBS provides its clients with services for interaction with audit companies during international audit and confirmation of financial statements, protecting the interests of the Client, making agreed changes to financial statements. Our specialists have extensive experience in applying various accounting standards in practice for accounting and financial reporting.


• Providing objective information about the financial condition of companies in a form convenient for foreign partners
• Displaying the real value of the company’s assets and liabilities (subject to receiving reliable information from the client)
• Building trust-based relationships with foreign partners by providing reliable and objective information
• Obtaining additional competitive advantages when considering investment opportunities in the company.


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