Auditing services are a financial checkup of a business, which must be as objective as possible in order to prevent deliberate distortion of financial statements, which, according to world statistics, causes the greatest financial damage to the business. That is why you should not neglect its regular holding, because it helps to ensure a stable financial condition of your company and save money in the long run.

An audit of financial statements, including accounting and tax, is a comprehensive independent audit of all financial and economic documents of a company, as a result of which an opinion is given on the reliability of these statements and compliance with legal requirements, errors in the accounting policy of the company, inaccuracies in economic analysis and planning are revealed. An audit company helps to see the complete picture of the financial condition of the company, to assess its prospects and possible ways of development.

High quality and independent. EBS experts operate on data, not assumptions, and have a deep understanding of the business structure to help your company make fundamental decisions and maintain investor confidence.

Financial audit is aimed at:

  • review of financial statements prepared in accordance with Ukrainian national standards and IFRS;
  • identification of deficiencies in the work of the financial and accounting departments;
  • analysis of the efficiency of resource use;
  • optimization of the company’s financial activities.

Audit stages:

  1. Planning. Formation of a team of auditors involved in the work on the project;
  2. Performing audit procedures: a sequence of actions during which experts obtain the necessary evidence for a specific audit area;
  3. Preparation and discussion of the draft audit report;
  4. Audit report – information about the analysis is consolidated and sent to the client.

Analysis of changes to the Tax Code

On April 15, the President signed the Law on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts of Ukraine on the administration of certain taxes during martial law, state of emergency.

Bill № 7251 “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Concerning the Optimization of Labour Relations in Martial Law»

Below are the changes adopted on 12.05.2022 in the first reading:   Termination of employment (grounds):

EBS statement on military aggression by russia

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