Preparation of the financial reports in accordance with IAS

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Financial reports

The company offers its clients high-quality IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) services. These statements are required for the top management of the company and are aimed at providing an independent assessment of the firm’s accounting. Requirements for these kinds of documents depend on the policies and rules of the company, so each reporting package is individual.

EBS experts will provide the following IFRS reporting services

  • Preparation of management and financial statements for parent company under IFRS, GAAP
  • Preparation of accounting files for SAP, ERP and other business automation systems
  • Monthly consolidated financial statements which will include: balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and changes in shareholders’ equity
  • A detailed list of GAAP adjustments, calculation of adjustments and explanations on a monthly basis that can be presented with the consolidated financial statements
  • Year-end financial statements to be provided to management in formats provided by the client

IFRS services, like most other services provided by our company, are carried out in stages. Each stage is agreed with the client’s representatives, so that we can guarantee high quality and clear deadlines.

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Benefits of IFRS reporting for managers

  • Providing unbiased information on the company’s financial condition in a form convenient for foreign partners
  • Showing the real value of assets and liabilities of the company (subject to receipt of reliable information from the client)
  • Building a trust-based relationship with foreign partners by providing reliable and objective information
  • Obtaining additional competitive advantages when considering cash investment opportunities in the company

Preparation of the financial reports in accordance with IAS as an investment in company development


Improving the quality of accounting


Optimization of management decisions


Focusing on strategic planning and development


Attracting new investments and opportunities

Benefits of financial reports in accordance with IAS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reduction of processes

Avoiding duplication of functions



Prompt response to client requests



Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises

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    The quality and reliability of such documents shall influence on the further development of the company, therefore, it is important to outsource the process to a reliable contractor.

    EBS provides its clients with services of preparing financial statements according to various standards, including IFRS (AIS), UK GAAP, USA GAAP, and Canadian GAAP. Our accounting professionals are experienced in the application of various accounting standards to the practice of accounting and financial reporting.

    The following list of documentation from the client is required for the preparation of the financial statements:

    • The accounting basis for each individual Company, which must be consolidated no later than the 20th of the month following the reporting month;
    • Policies and procedures regarding management accounts;
    • Auditor’s reports on the financial statements of the company for the previous year.

    Gathering of necessary additional information for preparation of management accounts

    Our specialists are ready to prepare reports for the management of the company in a convenient format, which the company can provide to the head office.

    A successful project requires the cooperation of client employees and EBS specialists to provide reliable and more accurate information.

    • Support from company owners and senior management in the organization and implementation of the project;
    • Access to the relevant information and assistance in obtaining relevant information from systems and documents;
    • Timely execution of agreed activities by all services and employees of the company, such as participation in interviews, provision of necessary information, etc.

    Giving the EBS Project Manager sufficient authority required for the successful running of the project, including the right to contact any Enterprise Manager directly for assistance.

    Many companies operating in Ukraine are facing with the need to prepare financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), among them:

    • Companies with foreign investment
    • Companies aimed at obtaining a loan (both from foreign and domestic lending institutions in Ukraine)
    • Companies planning to attract foreign investors (shareholders)
    • Companies planning to enter international financial markets, etc.
    • Cost of preparation and execution of IFRS reporting

    The cost of IFRS reporting services depends on a variety of factors affecting the final price: the format required, adaptation of the client’s accounts to international standards, the state of the financial system at the time of the request to EBS and others. In any case, reporting to international standards, prepared by our team, will save a lot of time and effort managers and employees, allow to deal with the priority tasks of enterprise development.

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