Reducing the cost of logistics and maintenance of your own financial department

Saving time and financial resources on interaction with regulatory and fiscal authorities

Work with accounting documentation and organization structures, ensuring the productive operation of the enterprise in any political and economic environment

Outsourcing of the financial and tax accounting

A lot of employers have understood that doing business in Ukraine you face many risks and issues. One of the peculiar features is constant change of the legislation. The Ukrainian organizations have adapted to such work conditions, but their international partners are often not ready for cooperation in such conditions, since they are used to promote their business in a sustainable situation. In order to understand all nuances of the ever changing market, you need to cooperate with the team, which knows and understands all novelties, and can easily adapt to the current situation.

EBS company offers accounting outsourcing services to its clients. We were the first, who introduced outsourcing of the financial accounting and management to the Ukrainian market. Our team wants to ensure ideal functioning of the client’s business, expert accounting and outsourcing.

Financial outsourcing is an efficient way to strengthen transparency of the company’s business processes, optimize its expenditures and increase its investment prospects. Financial outsourcing means transfer of the financial functions to the third party professionals.

The company obtains more opportunities to concentrate all its efforts and resources to develop and improve its core business, significantly minimize its tax and accounting risks, and reduce its material and technical expenditures.

Financial outsourcing is the most important for medium and big companies with complex corporate structure and big volume of initial documents, since it allows not only to reduce expenditures for accounting and avoid duplication of functions, but also to optimize and improve quality of the financial and tax accounting system as a whole.

Further, when performing certain corporate reorganization or changes, improved quality will promote optimization of the managerial decisions and focus on strategic planning and development, it will also open new opportunities for the companies with regard to relations with foreign investors and work on the international financial markets.

Consulting company EBS provides financial outsourcing services to the Ukrainian and foreign companies, operating on the territory of Ukraine. Transfer of the financial outsourcing functions can be performed partially or completely, depending on the needs and reasonability for each individual company.

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Provision of the financial outsourcing services by EBS stipulates, that the latter shall perform functions of the Chief Accountant and/or Accounting Department, including:

  • Reconstruction of the financial and tax accounting in accordance with the Ukrainian standards, and reconstruction of financial and management accounting in accordance with the requirements of the IAS/GAAP.
  • Provision of consulting services and selection of the financial systems, management of  the system’s introduction.
  • Training of the corresponding personnel of the company to work with the system and basic accounting training.
  • Permanent maintenance of the accounting records.
  • Preparation of the obligatory quarterly financial statements.
  • Calculation of the corresponding taxes for the enterprises in accordance with the Ukrainian tax  legislation. Submission of the quarterly financial statements to the corresponding tax institutions.
  • Coordination of work with the tax inspection;
  • Preparation of monthly (weekly) financial statements, management reports using the form of IAS/GAAP in accordance with the requirements of the owner, investor.



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  • Reduction of expenditures for the salary, taxes and maintenance of the accounting records;
  • Avoidance of any losses, connected with the unskilled work of the accountants;
  • Reduction of expenditures for equipment and maintenance of your own financial department;
  • Increase in the organizational flexibility and speed of managerial decision making;
  • Concentration of the company’s resource on its main business;
  • Saving of time and cost needed to interact with the regulatory and fiscal institutions;
  • Preservation of 100% loyalty;

Guarantee of confidentiality and professionalism — we are responsible for your accounting and exclude any possibility of old mistakes replay.

Our team includes people, who are monitoring the changes in the Ukrainian legislation; they are always ready to provide recommendations on these changes and their influence on the business. In order to avoid negative influence on the client’s company, we are ready to work with the accounting records and structures of the organization, ensuring efficient work of the company in any political and economic environment. Outsourcing of the accounting is an efficient way to achieve the desired result, it may seem to be expensive, but it will recoup the costs during the first months of the company’s efficient work.

Outsourcing of the accounting: cost

A lot of businessmen are likely to have asked about the price of the accounting outsourcing. It is not easy to answer this question, because the final cost depends on many factors, and the most significant among them is condition of the financial system of the company at the moment when you address EBS.

Accounting outsourcing is good value for money, it is work of the professionals which brings good results.