Outsourcing of the financial and tax accounting

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Reducing the cost of logistics and maintenance of your own financial department

Saving time and financial resources on interaction with regulatory and fiscal authorities

Work with accounting documentation and organization structures to ensure the productive work of the enterprise

Accounting and tax accounting outsourcing in Ukraine are one of the principal tools to enhance the transparency of a company’s business processes, optimize its expenses and increase its investment attractiveness due to the transfer of financial functions to the management of outsourced highly qualified specialists.

What is included in accounting and tax outsourcing services?

By choosing to work with EBS you get the most out of the time and the highest quality services:

  • restoring accounting and tax accounting according to Ukrainian standards as well as restoring accounting and management accounts according to IFRS (IAS/GAAP);
  • consulting and choosing financial systems, management of the system’s implementation;
  • training on system operation and basic accounting training for respective personnel;
  • maintaining day-to-day accounting records;
  • preparation of statutory quarterly and annual accounts to statutory authorities;
  • calculating all related taxes for the companies according to Ukrainian tax legislation. Submitting quarterly reports to the relevant tax authorities;
  • coordination with the tax authorities;
  • preparation of monthly (weekly) financial statements, management reports according to IAS (IAS/GAAP) following with the requirements of the owner, the investor.

EBS experts are the first to bring accounting and financial management outsourcing to the Ukrainian market. All the work of the team of experts is focused on making sure that the client’s business runs smoothly and that the accounting and tax accounting outsourcing services are of high quality.

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What are the benefits of working with the EBS team?

Among the benefits you will receive by opting for accounting services:

  • Reducing the cost of salaries for the accounting department, as well as taxes and accounting overheads, as the cost is only calculated for the services actually rendered and that were of consistently high quality;
  • Avoidance of any losses due to unskilled work of accountants;
  • Reducing costs for logistics and maintenance of own financial department;
  • Control of all changes in the legislation of Ukraine and timely changes necessary for correct accounting;
  • Increase of organizational flexibility and speed of management decision-making;
  • Concentration of resources and focus on key and strategic tasks, which will increase business profitability;
    Saving time and financial resources in dealing with regulatory and fiscal authorities, including minimizing the risk of fines;
  • To avoid unwanted causes of changes in the client’s company, EBS experts work with the client’s records and organizational structures to ensure that the company operates productively in any political and economic environment;
  • A guarantee of confidentiality and professionalism — we are responsible for your accounting and will not repeat past mistakes made by our in-house team.

Accounting outsourcing as an investment in company development


Improving the quality of accounting


Optimization of management decisions


Focusing on strategic planning and development


Attracting new investments and opportunities

Benefits of accounting outsourcing with EBS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reduction of processes

Avoiding duplication of functions



Prompt response to client requests



Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises

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    How can accounting services provided by EBS experts help you?

    Due to the accounting services your company will have more opportunities to focus its resources on the strategic development and improvement of its core business, and also to significantly minimize its tax and accounting risks, and reduce material and technical expenses. First of all, this is due to the fact that one of the main peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine is the rapidity of changes in legislation affecting business. Outsourcing of tax and accounting functions allows you to focus on strategic issues and concentrate your efforts in the most effective way by relying on a trustworthy partner.

    Financial outsourcing services are very useful for medium and large companies with complex corporate structures and a large volume of primary documents and for many international companies with a branch or representative office in Ukraine, for which the transfer of accounting outsourcing is a requirement of the parent company. In such cases, accounting and tax accounting outsourcing can help to reduce the cost of these areas, including the lack of duplication of functions. However, the main advantage is the ability to optimize and improve the quality of the accounting and tax system as a whole, which helps to optimize management decision-making and to shift the focus to strategic issues.

    Tax accounting and accounting outsourcing allow you to benefit from the experience of leading experts who assist many key Ukrainian companies in their growth and development and keep abreast of the latest changes in legislation. In addition, we make every effort to confirm our expertise and quality of tax accounting services not only by more than 23 years of successful work in the market, but also by our current achievements and regular client satisfaction checks.

    Our office is located in Kyiv, and we are glad to meet with you to discuss project details.