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Legal support of public organizations

Accounting and tax accounting

Audit and financial services

Many new public organizations and charitable foundations emerged during the war. These organizations aim to provide assistance to families with children, combatants and their families, to meet the needs of medical institutions specializing in the treatment of the wounded, etc. The activities of these organizations are not aimed at obtaining profit, therefore there are special requirements for obtaining non-profit status, accounting and other related services.

Considering the many nuances that arise both at the stage of registration of a non-profit organization and during the implementation of activities, it is important to enlist the support of experts who provide a full range of services, namely:

Legal Services

  • Consulting services regarding the selection of the organizational and legal form of a legal entity for the effective implementation of the founders’ (members’, participants’) goals;
  • Development of founding documents of a legal entity;
  • Development of a package of documents for registration of a legal entity;
  • Legal support for state registration of a legal entity;
  • Legal support for opening a bank account;
  • Legal support of registering a legal entity with state bodies;
  • Legal support for entering a legal entity into the register of non-profit organizations;
  • Legal support and consulting in the process of the activity of a legal entity.

Accounting outsourcing services, payroll, HR Administration

  • Accounting and tax accounting in compliance with the requirements of current legislation;
  • Accounting for targeted funding and received donations (financial aid);
  • Control of compliance of expenses with statutory activity of non-profit organization;
  • Keeping records of humanitarian aid;
  • Payroll outsourcing services;
  • HR administration services.

Financial audit

  • Audit to confirm the targeted use of donor funds.

Other related services

  • Assistance in obtaining non-profit status;
  • Consulting on taxation issues;
  • Adjusting the accounting system;
  • Preparation of management reports on the use of funds from Donors;
  • Compilation of the Report on the provision of Humanitarian Aid;
  • Implementation of the software product BAS accounting for non-profit organizations of Ukraine (to be discussed).

EBS has been providing financial audit services for more than 15 years and has the status of “Regular approval” to conduct audits of USAID-funded programs in accordance with the necessary requirements of the OIG, and also has significant experience in cooperation with organizations funded by USAID, SIDA, the British Embassy, EBRD and others .

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