Financial investigation service includes deep investigation of the financial activities oft the company in order to detect fraud and malicious or illegal fraudulent schemes, relating to the company’s resources. The investigations are performed at all levels of the company’s activities: among ordinary employees, managerial structures and the third persons. Unfortunately such fraudulent schemes are used quite often nowadays, that is why the owner of the company shall regularly perform the financial investigation and check reports.

Despite the efforts of the company’s owners, they do not always manage to detect illegal activities in their business. We offer to let us perform investigation. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure detailed checkup and accurate result.

Financial Investigations in Ukraine

The main task of the procedure is to detect documented misappropriation of the company’s finances, and any threats for the company’s economic activities. Our organization offers the following services to our clients:

  1. Analysis and settlement of financial disputes at all levels of the company’s activities.
  2. Performance of the detailed investigation.
  3. Assessment of damage. It is made when the fraudulent schemes are found. Assessment is performed for the material and moral issues in the framework of the current Ukrainian legislation.
  4. Fight against corruption. The service includes complete analysis of the employees activities, investigation on the basis of the accountant’s reports, analysis of control. All detected illegal actions will be considered with a view to responsibility for bribery in the framework of the anti-corruption Ukrainian legislation.

If you suspect any manipulations with the accounting records and misappropriation of assets, face discrepancies of expenditures/income of the company or failure to observe internal control rules, we recommend to address our company immediately. The detailed investigation will show how reasonable your suspicions are, help to find guilty persons and guarantee honest and transparent work of the company.


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