Financial investigations (Forensic)

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Analysis and resolution of financial disputes

Conducting a detailed investigation

Damage assessment

Financial investigations

Although the problem of fraud is often under the radar, statistics tell us that the average loss from fraud is between 5 and 7 per cent of a company’s revenue. Therefore, the main rule of the modern entrepreneur is to trust, but control. It is in such cases that an outside perspective and the involvement of a third party to provide financial investigation is useful.

Financial investigation service with EBS

  • A financial investigation service is an in-depth examination of the company’s financial activities, and is designed to reveal fraud, malicious manipulation or misuse of company funds.
  • Investigations are carried out at all levels of a company’s operations: among employees, management, counterparties and third parties.
  • Unfortunately, these types of fraud are always uncommon and if a business owner has any suspicions, he or she should consider conducting a financial investigation and EBS experts are here to be a trusted partner in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine.

What is included in a financial investigation procedure?

The main task of a financial investigation service is to find documented facts of embezzlement of the company’s financial resources, as well as to identify threats to business operations.

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EBS experts have exceptional experience in conducting such procedures

  • Analysis and resolution of financial disputes at all levels of a company.
  • Conducting detailed investigations.
  • Damage estimation. It is given when financial fraud is detected. This involves evaluating both material and non-material aspects of the damage under the Ukrainian law in force.
  • Anti-corruption. The service includes a full analysis of employees’ activity, investigation based on financial statements, review of controls. All detected misconduct will be considered in the aspect of responsibility for bribery within the framework of Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Analysis of compliance with current legislation and identification of potential tax risks.

Financial investigations as an investment in company development


Improving the quality of accounting


Optimization of management decisions


Focusing on strategic planning and development


Attracting new investments and opportunities

Benefits of financial investigations with EBS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reduction of processes

Avoiding duplication of functions



Prompt response to client requests



Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises

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    For every business, even one that operates as openly as possible and has set up a financial department, fraud remains a major financial risk.

    Despite the efforts made by company owners, such as employee incentive systems and other measures to reduce the likelihood of fraud, it is not always possible to uncover evidence of wrongdoing in their business. In such cases, you cannot do without experts who will provide a detailed check and quality results.

    If you suspect a manipulation with financial statements and any fraud, inconsistencies in costs/income of the company or non-compliance with internal control rules, we recommend contacting us. After all, it is no secret that one of the pledges of a successful business is to prevent problems or resolve them at the initial stages. In any case, the effect that will give your business the financial investigation service by unbiased external experts will be more tangible than the financial costs.

    A detailed investigation will show whether suspicions are justified, help find the culprits and ensure that your business operates integrally and transparently by analysing the causes of fraud and making recommendations from leading experts. If your company does not have a department dedicated to financial investigations or an established data handling system in place, outsourcing rather than implementing such a structure internally is the most cost-effective and efficient option.

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