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Organization of financial resources management

Enterprise asset management

Distribution of funds

Outsourcing of financial functions helps to establish the stability of the company. This is achieved through the ability to distribute resources feasibly, both financial and employee efforts, by focusing on the main subject of work, due to the transfer of individual functions to the outsourced CFO.

The main functions of an outsourced CFO are as follows

  • Organizing the management of the company’s financial resources, regulating financial relations
  • Coordination of work on the analysis of the company’s financial-economic condition
  • Development and control of accounting, tax, credit and investment policies of the company
  • Asset management of the company
  • Organization and control over fulfilment of financial plans, budgeting
  • Financial allocation
  • Participation in the budget control process
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Participation in the annual budget preparation

EBS experts in Ukraine possess all knowledge and skills needed to fulfil the CFO duties, including thorough knowledge of national and international accounting standards, development and implementation of international reporting, cash flow management, financial analysis, business planning, budgeting system development, financial auditing, and development of internal control systems.

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What advantages do you gain by outsourcing your CFO?

  • A professional who will work in your company on a temporary basis will be able to share all their experience and knowledge for the development of the company;
  • Outsourcing financial functions may be inherently more independent and profitable than direct employment, as you only pay for services actually rendered rather than a five-day working week;
  • Combination of the team and individual competencies and professional experience – the person in charge has access to the necessary professional information and competencies, including quality control, business process best practices, internal controls, taxes, IFRS;
  • Confidentiality which is guaranteed by strict internal policies;
  • Streamlined financial processes due to our experts’ long experience in all industries;
  • Minimization of financial risks due to understanding of legal framework, rules of doing business in Ukraine and support of experienced team of experts.

CFO outsourcing as an investment in company development


Improving the quality of accounting


Optimization of management decisions


Focusing on strategic planning and development


Attracting new investments and opportunities

Benefits of CFO outsourcing with EBS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reduction of processes

Avoiding duplication of functions



Prompt response to client requests



Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises

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    When a business grows and scales rapidly, inevitably, there comes a time when a company may need an experienced financial adviser, but it is not yet feasible to find an in-house CFO in terms of proper resource allocation or it takes significantly longer to find one and the work already needs to be done. In such cases, the best solution is to outsource the CFO.

    One of the main benefits of outsourcing a CFO is the ability to facilitate and improve the management decision-making process, as you will get a clearer picture of the company’s financial position, and you will be able to seek advice from an expert with an exceptional experience. Unlike even the most experienced in-house accountant, EBS financial experts rely on their experience in solving a number of similar problems and also have access to international expertise.

    There are many advantages which outsourcing CFO service gives to your business, and the key ones are an opportunity to cooperate with the team of leading experts on the market of Ukraine who will solve the problems of your company promptly and qualitatively. Nevertheless, these are not the only advantages, because you will get a number of other benefits.

    What is the cost of CFO services?

    The cost of the service depends on the scope of work and the number of hours required to complete it. Thus, the cost is determined after consultation or personal meetings to discuss the particularities of the project. Contact us by the phone number on the website or leave a request in the form below, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.