Financial director services outsourcing helps to ensure stable work of the company since all efforts are focused on the main task of the company and separate functions are transferred to the companies, specializing in the outsourcing services. EBS has real professionals, who are ready to solve any issue relating to the business.

The peculiar feature of the financial director outsourcing is an ability to use the third party experience, accumulated when solving a lot of similar tasks, and gain access to the newest technologies and information systems, which can be introduced to optimize the company’s operation.

The EBS professionals have all the skills and expertise, necessary for qualitative performance of the financial director’s functions in particular: perfect knowledge of the national and international accounting standards, development and introduction of the international reports, capital flows management, financial analysis, business planning, budget system development, financial audit, internal control systems development.

The main functions of the financial director are the following:

  • Organization of the enterprise’s capital flows management, regulation of the financial relations
  • Coordination of work relating to analysis of the financial and economic condition of the company
  • Development and control of the accounting, tax, credit and investment policies of the company
  • Company’s assets management
  • Organization and control of implementation of the financial plans, budgeting
  • Distribution of finances.

Financial outsourcing: advantages

The financial outsourcing has many advantages — one of the most important is the fact that an experienced professional team can quickly and qualitatively perform all the client’s tasks. The other advantages include:

  1. Professionals, who will temporarily work in your company, can share their experience and expertise for development of the company.
  2. Independence — outsourcing approach is more independent, than direct employment approach;
  3. Combination of team and individual competence with the professional experience — the responsible person has access to all necessary professional information and competence, including quality control, best practices of the business processes, internal control, taxes, IAS.
  4. Confidential, reliable and loyal partner.

Financial outsourcing: prices

In order to ensure duly quality of the procedure, performed by the client, the latter has to invest a lot in order to train the personnel, get modern equipment and software. Our services allow to get an ideal result. You can call us now!


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