In modern realities, compliance with all the requirements of the tax legislation of Ukraine is a difficult and resource-intensive task, which is why more and more entrepreneurs choose outsourcing of accounting services. EBS’s accounting practice has been designed to synchronize production processes and reporting, maximize profits and reduce the burden of bureaucratic procedures.

In addition, accounting services are primarily a tool that helps to channel time and resources into really important processes, such as strategic planning, marketing and work on quality.

What do you get by choosing outsourcing?

• Professional service not only by an accountant, but by a team of some of the best professionals not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine;

• No need to control the implementation of all processes, but only the final result of reports;

• Significant savings due to payment only for the work performed, and not for the daily working hours of the staff member;

• Effectively manage tax risks using the experience and knowledge of our specialists in the field of accounting and taxation.

At EBS, we have brought together leading specialists in the field of outsourcing of accounting services in Kiev, whose work always begins with a detailed study of the client’s needs, goals, systems and corporate culture, as well as an assessment of his tax risks. By building work in this way, we will help you focus on other tasks, because tax issues and preparation of reports will be dealt with by experts in their field. Outsourcing accounting is an innovative system of doing business, and this is understood by many progressive entrepreneurs of the capital.

With over 17 years of experience, accounting services are the driving force behind companies of all sizes. Outsourced accounting and filing of reports will help you minimize tax burdens and avoid penalties, bringing your interaction with tax authorities to a completely new level.

The EBS team not only provides consultations, but also deals with financial reporting and accounting, and also deals with the maintenance of primary documentation (accounts, acts, etc.), closely interacting with the counterparties of your company.

When we talk about accounting services, prices are not always the key point for choosing a company. After all, high-quality service is a reliable rear for building a large-scale and functional business that will always pay off.

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