The ability to recognize opportunities to make profit may ensure the short-term success of a business, but it is the back office that provides consistency and sustainability in terms of performance. EBS’ accounting outsourcing services were designed to synchronize the front and back offices, maximize profits and ease the bureaucratic burden. EBS experts can help you manage this double reporting loop and provide professional advice on tax and financial issues. Moreover, outsourcing payroll processes to EBS will save significant amounts of Company’s time and money and provide increased security and flexibility

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EBS Quarterly Review for 3Q 2020

Dear Clients and Partners,

Who is cooler – a skier or a snowboarder?

Is it a visionary or administrator if we speak from the perspective of the company management? In fact, each time

Discounting. Financial and tax aspect.

A considerable number of inquiries to consultants as well as an extensive practice of tax disputes testify that over the

The nineteenth edition of the EBS Digest was published

June 2020 We are pleased to introduce the eighteenth version of EBS Digest. The publication, which includes a collection of articles and practical cases within the framework of management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.