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ЕBS Quaterly Review for Q4 2022

Please pay attention to EBS Quarterly Review for Q4 2022.

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An employee who has entered into a fixed-term employment contract is subject to dismissal after the term of suspension of the main employee expires.

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The length of insurance experience depends not only on the amount of pension payment, but also on the very right of a person to a particular type of pension.

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About us

We are the #1 ranked company in Ukraine

More then 22 years on the market 250+ employees 900 happy clients 2500 succesful projects 5 languages 6 practices 30 certified experts (FCCA, ACCA, CAP, DIPIFR) #1 Ranked as number one accounting outsourcing firm in Ukraine by SBR

Our mission

We love what we do!



We exist to help companies in Ukraine achieve outstanding results



We make a significant contribution to the success of each individual company in order to promote economic growth in Ukraine



We accept developmental challenges



We reveal the potential, give hope and discover new opportunities

Together with our clients we build successful business models!

Strategic partners

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Managing Partner and Director

Helen Volska

Since independence Ukraine has been one of the most promising markets in Europe – and an equally challenging one. For two decades EBS has been helping businesses in Ukraine achieve excellence by providing them with the best solutions available on the market. We take pride in creating as much added value for our clients as it is possible in their context.


OLENA LEVSHUN Senior Partner, Head of Accounting Outsourcing Practice
YEVGENIYA VOZNIUK Partner, HR Consulting Practice Leader


You can find out more with our team!


Consulting company EBS is one of the leading firms in the Ukrainian market since 1998, which has accompanied the development of more than 800 leading enterprises in the country and continues to solve urgent problems of local and international companies.

EBS, composed of more than 250 experts, will unleash the potential of each business through an understanding of the intricacies of working in Ukraine.

How can EBS experts be useful for your business?

Our team will help you focus your attention and resources on development, providing services to support your business in the framework of such practices:

  • Management consulting;
  • Accounting outsourcing;
  • HR consulting;
  • Payroll outsourcing;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Legal consulting;
  • IT consulting.

Our team creates all conditions to eliminate barriers arising in the course of business development or reorganization. Consulting firm EBS provides highly qualified information and consulting support for accounting processes, legal support, as well as assistance in optimizing processes within the company and building an effective personnel management system.

What are our advantages?

  • Uncompromising work on quality is the marker that sets us apart in the market. Twice a year, we conduct large-scale surveys among our clients and take into account all the little things in feedback in order to become the best for entrepreneurs who have made a choice in our favor. The success of your business also depends on how scrupulous and attentive our experts are. That is why improving our level is a priority that our consulting company (Kiev) puts at the forefront.
  • Attention to the customer. Our experts analyze all potential risks and wishes, choosing the best solution for the tasks.
    We always do more than what is written in the contract. A formal solution to a set goal is not a point to complete a project.
    Constant communication with the customer. Our clients and partners always know what stage of the project we are at. We do not hide the details of the work, and our specialists are always in touch.
  • Commitment to long-term cooperation. In the process of working on complex projects, our experts closely interact with the client, choosing the best methods for implementing the task.
  • Personalized approach. We do not use standard package solutions, because cooperation is built exclusively confidentially and according to individual preferences.
  • Professional ethics is an axiom in relations both with clients and with the rest of the project team. Independence and impartiality guarantee objectivity regardless of the conditions.
  • Flexibility. Our team can get involved at any stage of the project: during the development, implementation or implementation of additional items. The customer decides on the degree of his involvement in the project, having the opportunity to immediately get the final result, which is carried out by consulting companies.
  • Development. EBS specialists regularly expand the range of qualifications and deepen existing knowledge through a system of corporate training, using the acquired skills in the future.


our clients

During our period of cooperation with EBS, our company established itself as one of the leading audit centers for accounting, financial consulting, HR outsourcing and legal services.  EBS provides for stability in terms of the vital functioning of Ukrainian and international companies. 

The human resources and accounting services departments are of a high professional level.  I would especially like to note the speed at which the company’s staff fulfilled assignments, as well as their attentive attitude. 

We can recommend EBS as a reliable partner. 

Lana Chubakha, General Manager of LLC “Sezhedim Ukraine” 

Within the scope of our USAID / FINREP-II program for developing the financial sector, we worked with EBS experts in 2014 and 2015 on a program for training two non-governmental organizations (UFPAA and UACAA) in order that they conduct a preliminary study on official non-American non-governmental organizations (NUPAS). 

In the period of cooperation, EBS proved itself to be a highly qualified, responsible and productive team of professional consultants and auditors, who understands their clients and is able to find an individualized approach to solving any problems. 

We are grateful to the staff at EBS for their professional attitude to work, their ability to understand clients’ needs, and their readiness to perform the assigned tasks. 

V.D. Stetsenko, Executive Director of the USAID / FINREP-II Program 

V.D. Stetsenko


Svetlana Kononchuk


The public organization “Center YUEY” enjoyed a positive experience when cooperating with “Emergex Outsourcing”. 

We are convinced that Emergex Outsourcing auditors and consultants are highly competent and understanding with regards to the particularities of accounting, financial reporting, and also non-profit organizations’ desire to maximize quality and to perform their tasks in a timely manner. 

The organization’s management expresses its thanks to those auditors, who helped carry out the auditing of financial reporting on funds used, at the donor’s request. 

We also would like to underline their responsibility for the timely implementation of the project phases. 

I. Borzilo, Executive Director 

I. Borzilo


Thanks to the team’s professional work, perseverance, responsibility and quick response to requests, Michelin Ukraine managed to achieve positive results in 2015.  The EBS team’s high level of adaptability helped Michelin to be closer to clients.  We are confident that the coordinated work, communication skills and positive attitude will also help us over the next year. 

O.V. Kotov, Head of Sales for LLC “Michelin Ukraine” 

O.V. Kotov


On behalf of 3M Ukraine, we’d like to express our gratitude to our partners – the EBS consulting company – for their work and contribution to the development of our business in Ukraine. 

During our collaboration, which began in 2005, EBS experts have repeatedly shown themselves to be competent experts and reliable assistants in business.  The quick response to our inquiries, as well as the loyalty, adequate pricing, attention to detail and consistency of the entire EBS team are all qualities that are definitely in line with our expectations and thus, justify our confidence. 

We hope to continue receiving high-quality services and to work together to achieve the goals set out by our company 3M Ukraine. 

Sophie Oliphant, CEO 

Artem Krizhanovsky, CFO 

3M Ukraine


On behalf of ABB in Ukraine, I would like to thank all the EBS employees involved in the project with ABB for the high quality of their services, high standards of professional ethics, and client relations.  We are pleased with the level of cooperation achieved between our organizations. 

S.A. Zhdanov, Director 

S.A. Zhdanov


Castrol Ukraine would like to thank EBS for fruitful cooperation.  EBS has proven itself to be a competent and reliable partner with knowledge and practical experience in the field of standard accounting and tax accounting, as well as human resources administration, in addition to the company’s ability to find the suitable approach to resolving complex problems.  I would like to emphasize the company’s professional approach and competent problem solving, as well as the company’s attention towards clients and its strong desire to resolve emerging issues. 

We believe that our cooperation with EBS will enable us to achieve our objectives by applying effective modern management tools. 

Vitalina Pranovich, Financial Manager 

Vitalina Pranovich


The EBS team was instrumental in giving our start-up the extra confidence required in order to enter the Ukrainian market.  They were with us every step of the way during our critical first year of operation and they continue to work with us as we develop and grow.

Global Restaurant Group


Pechersk School International has been working with EBS since 2007.  We have been guided by EBS for a variety of projects in the following spheres:  legal and taxation, finance and accounting, and HR. 

I recognize the high qualifications of EBS’ staff members.  We have always enjoyed a high quality and timely response.  It’s very important to have a reliable partner in such a changing environment.  Our school is part of an international community.  We are supporting our expat teachers and children, and also providing stability and a continuous educational process. We appreciate EBS for their involvement in our day to day life. 

For several years now, we have been recruiting highly professional employees for finance, operational and HR services through EBS.  The performance reviews project organized by EBS helped us to realize our strengths and weaknesses and to reorganize our business department structure in order to achieve a more effective performance. 

In the past few years, they have also supported numerous finance projects. For several years, EBS has been preparing quality finance reports for us, according to IAS and also accompanied us for the subsequent PWC audit.  The most significant finance project was the BAS implementation, which gave us the opportunity to create Ukrainian accounting and tax reports, IAS reports, as well as management and budget process reports in one system.  This positively affected the quality of our internal control, the efficiency of our finance department, and enabled us to provide all our clients with timely and accurate reporting.  Our accounting department has already received training by EBS in preparing finance reports in accordance with IAS, so now we can complete them ourselves. 

During these years, we also benefitted from a tax consultancy and legal structure optimization project, which brought  many benefits to the school and made our activities absolutely transparent, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, as well as contributing to saving money.  We continue to work with EBS in regards to any changes made to our foundation and legal documents. 

John Burns, Director

EBS is a quick and professional solution, where the company’s team is ready to offer support to any business.  I would particularly like to thank the team for their clear understanding of our needs and their ability to find the optimal variant in terms of the cost and speed for its implementation, in spite of the severe restrictions under which they sometimes have to work. 

‘Volya’ Group of companies


‘Yves Rocher Ukraine’ has considerable experience successfully cooperating with the EBS consulting firm in regards to legal service activities of our company on the territory of Ukraine. 

We appreciate the quality of our colleagues from EBS and their efficiency, professionalism and loyalty. ‘Yves Rocher Ukraine’ plans to continue to involve EBS lawyers in order to resolve the various legal issues arising in the course of our company doing business in Ukraine. 

Considering the above, we consider it necessary to recommend the EBS consulting firm as a reliable partner for providing legal services. 

E.V. Skorik, Director 

E.V. Skorik

Yves Rocher

EBS was our partner for a project aimed at developing a corporate governance system. 

The project included the development of the policies and procedures required for implementing the new corporate management system, the development of the company’s organizational structure, the development of job descriptions, and the introduction of the new corporate governance system. 

During the course of the project, all of our company’s directors noted the high level of professionalism of EBS consultants, including their deep understanding of the business, their ability to communicate effectively at any level of the company’s hierarchy, and their excellent knowledge of global best practices and legislation in the field of corporate governance. 

It was obvious that EBS employees are really interested in achieving the best result of the project and that they work with maximum efficiency and impact. 

We are pleased to recommend EBS as a reliable and professional partner. 

When Wizz Air decided to enter the Ukrainian market, the company searched for a reliable and highly professional local partner to handle the financial part of our business activities.  The EBS team was able to understand our needs and internal policies, as well as provide the relevant range of accounting and payroll outsourcing services. 

We emphasize the commitment of EBS employees, who did their best to deliver excellent performance, which exceeded our expectations and ultimately created a strong results-oriented team between EBS and Wizz Air staff.

Andriy Brizytskyy, Financial Manager, WIZZ Air  

Andriy Brizytskyy

Wizz Air

Freescale Semiconductor has a successful experience of collaboration with EBS, which began in June 2004. Freescale Semiconductor enjoyed EBS’ support for both the Freescale Representative Office and its LLC organizations. EBS’ combined experience and the pool of services it provides enables viewing this not singularly but as the big picture in the the company offers a complex and more effective solution to problems. Freescale is satisfied with the results of our collaboration with EBS in the fields of accounting outsourcing, financial management and tax consulting, and we would recommend the company as a reliable partner. 

Elena Leschuk, Deputy Director of Freescale Semiconductor Ukraine LLC

“The professional accountability and efficiency of EBS employees have directly contributed to the success of our business.  I am very pleased to do business with a company that has such a high level of ethical and professional standards.  I look forward to further close cooperation and wish you success in your customer relations.” 

P. Gnatyuk, Regional Manager for Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Central Asia 

Western Union Financial Services GmbH 

P. Gnatyuk

Western Union

“My experience in cooperating with EBS allows me to underline the high professionalism of the company’s consultants, their deep level of understanding regarding a client’s problems, as well as a high level of responsibility in achieving results.  I wish you continued success, not only for clients’ benefit, but also for Ukraine’s benefit .”

Petr Peretyatko, CEO of Slavutich 

Petr Peretyatko


“The company Horizon Capital is very pleased to work with EBS and its professional consultants.  We have worked with EBS for many years and are pleased to have such a reliable partner in Ukraine.”

Natalia Yaresko, CEO of Horizon Capital 

Natalia Yaresko

Horizon Capital

We have been collaborating with EBS since July 2007, when we made the decision to outsource accounting services.  During the time of our collaboration, EBS proved themselves to be an efficient and professional company, which is able to meet deadlines and efficiently copes with countless Ukrainian regulatory requirements. 

Our company Dragon Capital Partners experienced no problems during the time we collaborated with EBS.  We enjoyed smooth and efficient working relations and thus, we would be happy to recommend EBS as a reliable and professional partner.

Oleg Laska, CFO Dragon Capital Partners 

Oleg Laska

Dragon Capital

Let me express my gratitude to EBS for the long-term fruitful cooperation we enjoy and their high quality service. 

I would like to separately highlight the smooth coordination of its staff’s work and professionalism.  EBS employees quickly and efficiently perform their tasks.  It has recently become a tendency to take money but not guarantee the service being presented.  It is really nice to know that EBS cares about its clients.  I was particularly pleased that grandiloquence of the company’s mottos are not at odds with reality.  Customer care is not just empty words in their case. 

Special admiration is also warranted for the thoughtfulness of the company’s pricing policy.  I have huge respect for EBS due to its high quality at a reasonable price.  Their services are worth every cent indicated on the invoice.

Alexey Lyapin, Head of the Armstrong Europa GmbH Representative Office in Ukraine 

Alexey Lyapin

Armstrong Europa

We at LLC “Florange” have been cooperating with the EBS company for the past two years in regards to accounting and taxation issues, as well as those concerning the legal sphere and human resources. 

In this time, EBS has proven itself to be a worthy and reliable partner, and the company’s consultants and employees have shown themselves to be highly skilled and articulate in their work.  We successfully passed the tax and human resources audits with EBS representatives handling this and current issues being resolved quickly.  We always rely on the company’s expert opinion, and they have never disappointed us. 

EBS is a key partner for us in relation to their services, in which we are confident. 

LLC "Florange"


For more than two years, EBS has been a partner for the company Winner in Ukraine within the framework of a project on organizing and documenting business processes at all levels. 

EBS’ professional participation is actively used by the company’s top management when it comes to creating / changing the internal policy regarding the functioning of organizational units and also mutual relations with a dealer network. 

The company’s consultants carry out their duties at the highest standard.  In addition, they help inspire us to not stop with our organizational development, and to pay attention to not only the dynamic growth of our business, but also to working on developing and implementing clear rules regarding staff performance.  

Bogdan Kulchitskii


EBS has been a financial partner and advisor to the company Water World for six years.  During this period, thanks to a strong EBS team and their responsible approach to work, our company was able to obtain a set of high-quality services and advice in the field of accounting and tax accounting, financial planning and budgeting, as well as investment.  Thanks to the work they performed with a high level of professionalism, Water World was able to make a number of administrative decisions that contributed to developing our business in general. 

The EBS company’s highly qualified staff are always ready to provide full and detailed advice on any matters arising in the course of doing business.  We can confidently recommend EBS to our partners and customers.  We believe in maintaining our existing business and friendly relations, and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation. 

We wish the EBS company and all its staff well-being and prosperity, and that they achieve new heights in their business! 

S.A. Tsybulya, Executive Director of ‘Public company ‘Aquavit’ 

S.A. Tsybulya


Benetton Real Estate International S.A entrusted EBS to manage its first subsidiary in Ukraine.  Apart from the normal activities connected with administering the company (with particular reference to accounting and book-keeping), EBS’ legal skills ensured the full coverage of our needs as an intermediate holding company. 

Daniel Bandiziol

Benneton Real Estate

The deep professional knowledge and long-term experience of EBS accountants are transformed into the capacity to work effectively in various conditions, which are shaped by existing differences between Ukrainian accounting standards and international financial reporting standards.  The company CFS Ukraine is completely satisfied with the level of services provided by EBS and highly appreciates EBS’ contribution to our successful and convenient operation within Ukraine. 

Leonid Carabut, Director of CFS Ukraine 

Leonid Carabut

CFS Ukraine

The ‘De Agostini’ company has been collaborating with EBS virtually since the beginning of its activity in Ukraine.  Thanks to their professional resolution of complex, non-standard problems, which require creative thinking, we consider EBS to be one of our most reliable partners in Ukraine. 

Oksana Potebenko, Financial Manager of De Agostini Ukraine 

Oksana Potebenko

De Agostini