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CPI is a global membership network, comprising of independent accounting and consulting firms to provide a link of integrated financial and business services.

Choice International Limited is a full-service integrated financial service provider established in 1993. The firm offers Investment Banking, Stock Trading, Management Consulting and E-Commerce services to its clients.

The top think-tank at CPI is powered by knowledge experience from high-profile members, that have significant and strategic engagements in working with reputed firms for their professional life. Leading with an average of 26 years of industry experience, each of core group member has profound background in Indian Financial Market.

Choice Group invests incredible resources on research and technology as core areas to shape its growth and continuously try to improve client benefits. The Group has also developed a robust infrastructure to meet complex and necessary challenges; offering quality services and measurable achievements. All at CPI, including its associates maintain a high degree of professionalism keeping ethical values to all business activities.